• I’m hoping that people will find something on this website they like. I’m going to address a lot of things I care about, everything from sports and the media to literature.

    I’ve got something set up with the SPCA to save big dogs, working breeds, in need of a home and affection, and owners who are willing to make a commitment. People get these dogs thinking they would be cool to have but without considering their needs, and too often they turn them out because they prove to be inconvenient. For instance, a guy in an apartment in Manhattan should not buy a Labrador. It’s selfish. It’s not fair to the dog.

    I’m going to ask friends of mine from around the country – all learned people, some just crazy – to participate in one form another.

    I’m not sure where this will go or if it will go anywhere. I do know it is something I want to do. For the most part, my life has been little but fortuitous happenstance. I’ve never really known who was in charge or particularly cared. Maybe this will be another example of that.”

Henry and Tank; Good Friends, Good Medicine

CINCINNATI–They showed up about the same time. Henry just came around the corner of the house, walked up on the porch, offered me a big wave like he was hailing a taxicab and took a seat. Tank, well, that was a different story all around. My daughter brought him home, and, immediately, he reminded me … Continue reading

A Question Asked, Again…Is There Something Different About the Bengals?

CINCINNATI—It’ been different around here lately. Downright calm — reasonable. But given all that happened at MetLife Stadium Sunday afternoon that’s about to change. Count on it. The Bengals weathered every kind of storm and beat the New York Jets, 23-22, on a last-minute, 47-yard field goal by Mike Nugent, and that is not a … Continue reading

Sam Speaks, Who’s Truly the Grown-Up

  CINCINNATI—Sam’s an unusual guy. He’s one of those people who makes you think; makes you see things differently. He doesn’t preach; doesn’t carry on. In fact, he’s a quiet sort, just looks you in the eye, speaks softly and says what’s on his mind. He’s direct, damned direct, and I like that about him. … Continue reading

Welcome Back…

6/20/16   For a number or reasons, I have been absent from this site, failing to add anything of interest. Much has passed in that time, but for those who wondered, and for those who could care less, I am back and will continue to add to this pile of words.   There was a … Continue reading

A Meeting Long Remembered

  The crowd was sparse at Dodgertown in Vero, Beach, Fla. He worked his way up the ramp and slowly eased himself into one of the small bleacher seats at the top row of old, cozy Holman Stadium. It was no small feat on his part. He was a big man, who needed a cane … Continue reading

‘The Cowboy’s’ View on Losing and the Reds

The tone is familiar. It’s the sound of uncertainty—unqualified doubt. It’s been around as long as baseball itself, no stranger to any clubhouse in the game. At one time or another, it has affected every team—every player. In a 14-year career, Jeff Brantley has experienced it, heard it—lived it. “Oh, yeah,” he says. “Remember, I … Continue reading

What’s It Gonna Be, Marty B.?

  He’s always been quick on the trigger, and will always be. It’s his nature. Ask a question; get an answer, though it might not be the one you wanted. But this, this was different. The question gave him pause, his hesitation stemming from the complexity of his answer. Marty Brennaman, the hard-bitten Hall of … Continue reading

The Boys on The Side, A Piece of Americana

( I ran across this piece written back in the fall, when I was down and out with a bad back, and failed to post it here. Though football has come and gone, the thought and the idea here are good ones. Enjoy. Greg Hoard, Feb. 2016) CINCINNATI—Always, it starts with the drums. The sound comes … Continue reading

Reds 2016: Sometimes You Got to Laugh

CINCINNATI—Normally sports fans around here are feeling better by now. The wounds left by the Bengals latest bust have healed, and folks have turned their attention to spring training and Reds baseball. No matter what’s passed or predicted there existed a general feeling of optimism regarding the Redlegs. As spring came closer, hope thrived. Everywhere … Continue reading

Bengals Implode, Squandering Another Playoff Shot And More

1/10/16 CINCINNATI—The Bengals lost more than a football game Saturday night. They lost face. In a disgraceful display of hostility and selfishness, they threw away the chance to win their first playoff game since 1990, and continued a string of seven straight first-round playoff losses. They had it. It was all tucked away. All they … Continue reading