• I’m hoping that people will find something on this website they like. I’m going to address a lot of things I care about, everything from sports and the media to literature.

    I’ve got something set up with the SPCA to save big dogs, working breeds, in need of a home and affection, and owners who are willing to make a commitment. People get these dogs thinking they would be cool to have but without considering their needs, and too often they turn them out because they prove to be inconvenient. For instance, a guy in an apartment in Manhattan should not buy a Labrador. It’s selfish. It’s not fair to the dog.

    I’m going to ask friends of mine from around the country – all learned people, some just crazy – to participate in one form another.

    I’m not sure where this will go or if it will go anywhere. I do know it is something I want to do. For the most part, my life has been little but fortuitous happenstance. I’ve never really known who was in charge or particularly cared. Maybe this will be another example of that.”

Bengals Best Browns, But What Does it Mean?

October 24, 2016          CINCINNATI—It’s hard to watch the Browns these days. They are young, extremely inexperienced and so short on savvy. They break down on offense. They break down on defense. The best that can be said of them, and it’s said often, “They play hard.” They played hard Sunday and managed to make … Continue reading

Thanks to McGraw, Gehrig’s Unmatched Achievement Initially Overlooked

Initially appeared in summer edition of Helmar’s Baseball and Art 10/17/16 All round, there was trouble—trouble and bad times. Soup kitchens were crowded and bread lines drew throngs. Factories were closed; banks boarded up. People walked the streets looking for work and gathered aimlessly, wondering what to do, where to go, how to find a … Continue reading

Watching ‘The Tribe’ — Wahoo!

October 17, 2016 CINCINNATI—It started with a baseball card, a 1957 Topps. There he was Rocky Colavito, looking dead at the camera, arm drawn back to throw. He had a boxer’s face, sort of mean looking—big dark eyes, not a hint of fear, not a thread of doubt. On the card it said, “Rocco Colavito.” … Continue reading

Arnie Passes, A Legacy Stands

10/17/16 CINCINNATI—We were somewhere south of Montgomery on I-65 when the news came on the radio. Arnold Palmer had died. I slumped in my seat. “Damn,” I said. “Damn. Damn.” “What? What’s wrong,” my wife said. “Wait. Listen,” I said, turning up the volume. I wanted details. “Arnold Palmer? The golfer?” “Yeah, yeah. I wanna … Continue reading

Have The Bengals Reached Irrelevance?

10/17/16 CINCINNATI–The Bengals lost this game before it started. They lost it the second New England rolled up on the schedule, right after they took an embarrassing beat-down in Dallas last week, 28-14. The tally in Foxboro Sunday: Patriots 35, Bengals 17. Cincinnati is now 2-4. The Bengals are now close to irrelevant, insignificant. Like … Continue reading

Bengals Even-Up at 2-2, Green Shines in Win Over ‘Fishy’ Miami

CINCINNATI—There are two ways to look at the 22-7 whipping the Bengals laid on the Miami Dolphins Thursday night at Paul Brown Stadium. One, after back-to-back losses to the Steelers and Broncos—and not looking very good in the process—they got their act together during a short week and rolled Miami, made them look jus. That’s … Continue reading

Broncos Rookie Dismantles Bengals

CINCINNATI—The general consensus is that the Bengals have a talent rich roster, one of the best in all the NFL. Yet, here they stand: one win, two losses and looking a little – well –shopworn. The defending Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos rolled into town this week and dropped a 29-17 loss on the locals; … Continue reading

Steelers Display Hold on Bengals, Again

CINCINNATI—This was supposed to be about blood, nasty and gritty. It was supposed to be Bengals and Steelers, Act II of that ridiculous and regrettable show in the playoffs last season: Six turnovers 18 penalties Jeremy Hill fumbles the ball away with 1:23 to play. The Bengals self-destruct—implode, personal fouls all over the place—and suffer … Continue reading

Henry and Tank; Good Friends, Good Medicine

CINCINNATI–They showed up about the same time. Henry just came around the corner of the house, walked up on the porch, offered me a big wave like he was hailing a taxicab and took a seat. Tank, well, that was a different story all around. My daughter brought him home, and, immediately, he reminded me … Continue reading

A Question Asked, Again…Is There Something Different About the Bengals?

CINCINNATI—It’ been different around here lately. Downright calm — reasonable. But given all that happened at MetLife Stadium Sunday afternoon that’s about to change. Count on it. The Bengals weathered every kind of storm and beat the New York Jets, 23-22, on a last-minute, 47-yard field goal by Mike Nugent, and that is not a … Continue reading